Weekend Highlights

Boy what a weekend! It was a little busy over in our neck of the woods. But in a good way! Travis was off Friday and Saturday this week so our weekend started a little early.

Friday was Travis’s day to watch Tyrion while I baked a cake! A friend contacted me about doing a cake for her husbands surprise 30th birthday party. She is a photographer and so we decided to trade my cake in exchange for a Christmas photo session when it finally snows over here. I was completely game for that!



It was a fun cake to make. I always have a blast caking it up! Smile

Saturday morning Travis and I got up early to head up to Green Bluff for a little family photo session of our own.

PicMonkey Colla12ge




It was fun and so, so beautiful up there. As you can tell it was pretty foggy, but I thought it was a nice backdrop for our pictures.

We ended up coming home early afternoon and relaxed the rest of the day. Travis started a fire, and we rented a movie and just hung out together. I also crafted a bit, working on some wreathes to sell at the Christmas Tree Farm this winter.

This is just a prototype. I need to find better accessories to spruce them up a bit. But it has promise!

IMG_3294 (2)

Sunday morning Tyrion and I went to church solo since Travis worked, but we met up with my family there and chatted a bit after church.

I spent mid-day at home cleaning and baking apple cider cupcakes for our annual pumpkin carving  at my parents that evening. The cupcakes – amazing!

When Travis got home we jumped in the truck and headed out!


PicMonkey Col09lage

Someone was getting pretty tired towards the end of the night.


But he didn’t want to miss out on all the fun so he hung out with daddy while we all finished up carving.



So much fun to hang out with family and friends. It’s getting pretty loud at all our family gatherings now. With three year old Danny running around like a crazy little boy and Tyrion cooing all the time it gets pretty animated around here. And, with Lesly due any day now, it will be even more so! Love it! A loud family gathering is a happy family gathering!

Today I am planning on getting a good workout in, thinking maybe busting out the Beachbody Turbo HITT Fire series and getting my sweat on. It’s time to up the workouts again. No more light sessions, mama needs to see results!

When Travis gets home I am headed out to shop with my friend and bride-to-be Hannah on some wedding craft projects. Should be a good time!

Have a happy Monday everyone!

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