Weekend Recap 3/25/14


Yesterdays post didn’t happen because of this –


Okay so I didn’t have time to take a photo, but this repurposed one is pretty accurate. We had one unhappy boy Sunday night. He just didn’t feel the need to sleep. At all. He was up at 1am and wide awake. When I informed him there was no way we were going to play, he had a meltdown. For the rest of the night. After a couple hours I ended up sleeping with him on me while I tried to sit and sleep upright on the couch. Talk about uncomfortable. We both woke up a sweaty mess. Not sure what his deal was, but I’ll just attribute it growing pains and move on. He did great last night. So, so glad it was a one night thing.

Lets rewind a bit and start at Friday. Travis was off, and he had big plans all day long to work on his cars. Um, boring. That’s okay though, I already made a date with a friend to go shopping. Tyrion was in desperate need of some new clothes. We hit up Target, but sadly their children’s section was a big bag of disappointing! They had lots of cute girl outfits, but honestly nothing that caught my eye for boys. Lame Target! We left with hardly anything and headed to Old Navy. Tyrion has a pair of Old Navy jeans and I love how they fit, so I was hoping they would have more cute clothes.

While we drove my friend informed me that she knew of a small used children’s clothing store that closed down and was having a liquidation sale at the owners home. Heck ya! We stopped there first to check it out and found some really cute stuff. Lots of onsies, jackets, and a couple pair of pants. Such a sweet find. We got a ton of stuff for $16 bucks! Feeling pretty awesome we headed to Old Navy. I honestly didn’t need much more than jeans because we found so much at the closeout sale. I don’t know what it is about baby jeans, but cute ones are so hard to find! Old Navy didn’t disappoint. I loved the selection and grabbed a couple pairs. When we strolled by the baby swimwear I couldn’t resist. Tryion had to have a outfit for our vaca to Palm Springs coming up!


His baby skin is not use to the sun yet, so a swimming top is a must. Hope he loves the pool, we will find out soon!

After our fun shopping trip we came home and checked on dad. Once Tyrion and I showed him all our great finds, I passed cute cheeks to his dad and went for a short run. I only did two miles and it still felt like a killer. Guess that happens when your body is spent!

Saturday was a rest day and boy oh boy did I need it, my muscles were tired and mentally I was spent. Saturday was pretty chill and I just hung around the house doing as little as possible, pining away, wishing it was Sunday. Because. . . .

Sunday was date day!!!! Travis and I had our first “date” by ourselves since Tyrion was born! Yes we have had my parents watch Tyrion so we could hang out with other couples, but this was our first date by ourselves since he was born! It took us almost 8 months to do this, that’s actually pretty sad. Note to self, never wait that long again!

After church my parents took Tyrion and off we went on our date! We went to Red Robin for lunch and it was yummy! I had their Avo-Cobb-O salad with a side of sweet potato fries. They have my most favorite dressing too: Honey Mustard Poppy Seed. I had it with my salad and dipped my fries in it. Delish!

And the movie we went to see? Oh you bet it was super romantic:


As long as it’s not a Marvel Comics movie I’m happy! It was actually really good! I loved the first 300 and felt this one delivered as well! Most certainly a movie you should see in the theater to get the whole experience. Once it was finished we headed to my parents to pick up little man.

On our way home we stopped at Macy’s to grab Travis some new polo shirts for golfing on our vacation. Travis loves to golf, and any excuse to get a few new shirts is okay by him. Once we got home I again passes Tyrion off to dad and went for my run. This was my longest yet, four miles!


Again I kept a steady pace, no walking breaks! It’s amazing what a rest day can do, I felt so much better on this run and honestly, like I could of gone further and done okay. Every run I continue to be amazed with how far I can push my body. It really is so mental.

Yesterday, with our fun sleepless night I woke up literally exhausted. You can bet that as soon as Tyrion went down for his nap I followed suite. He took over a two hour nap God bless him, and I needed that badly. When I woke up it felt like I had enough sleep to make it through the day. When evening came around Travis called and said he had to work late, and although he would of watched Tyrion like a trooper for me when he got in, I didn’t want him to have to do that after also being so exhausted. For the first time ever I decided to try running with the stroller. My time definitely took a hit, but overall it wasn’t as hard as I had thought.


Almost kept it all in the 11’s, but the last little hill on the way home I caved and walk up. My legs were a burnin so I allowed myself a little break.

Today is a rest day, but I might attempt another 3 miles since it’s suppose to start raining tomorrow and continue over the next few days. I hate running in the rain, give me a cold day over a rainy day anytime!

I’ve been contemplating on sharing my training schedule and some of my favorite running gear in a post. I’ll try to get that up in the next couple days. Stay tuned for that, should be kinda fun!

I’m off to try and texture the living room ceiling. Let’s see if Tyrion will corporate. Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!

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