Weekend Recap 4/28/14

How is everyone this Monday morning? I am excited to start a new week. Part of it is probably the weather report. After last week being cold, windy, rainy, and just icky; this week promises sun and 70’s. Bring It On!!!


Friday was semi decent weather-wise so Travis spent a good portion of the day working on my garden beds. He’s almost finished! One more nice day off and he will have them done. It’s just in time too, because planting season is right around the corner. Getting super excited!

Saturday morning Lesly and I met up early to head to an annual neighborhood garage sale in North Spokane. My sisters husband was able to watch their boys, but Tyrion came along because Travis worked. He did great in his stroller though and we strolled for a couple hours with coffees in hand.

Lesly didn’t find anything, but I grabbed a couple books and a toy for Tyrion. Not a super successful venture but it was still fun to get out and have sister time for the morning.

After we left the sale we went to Fred Meyer to check out their garden center which is in full swing. I was so tempted to purchase plants but it’s just too soon and I know it will frost a couple more times. It did feel good to wander through all the pretty flowers though and envision what my yard will look like this year.

Tyrion loved the books I got. (I cleaned them before letting him play with them.)


But the toy I thought was such a cool item for three bucks, he did not like. In the picture below he is sporting his very concerned face.


There are not too many things Tyrion is scared of, but this is one of them for sure!

PicMonkey Collage

I have no idea why??? Oh well, I’ll stash it away and when he’s older hopefully we can bring it back out to help him learn his colors and how to count.

Travis worked on Sunday, and while I still should of gone to church, I couldn’t muster up the effort needed to put Tyrion and I together in such a short period of time. I shouldn’t complain, but I really wish Travis had a set schedule so we could all go to church together every Sunday. Oh well, someday hopefully. For now I’ll cherish the Sunday he does have off and is able to come.

I ended up watching my oldest nephew last night so I didn’t get my run in. Which was totally okay because it was freezing and nasty out. Today I’m going to attempt a long run – 9 miles! Hopefully it will go a little smoother than my 8 miler last week.

As I’m typing this up, Tyrion has just woken up from his nap and is talking softly to himself in his crib.


So I guess I’m out for the morning. Hopefully I can get in a walk with Tyrion, maybe some flower bed weeding, and work on my running playlist a bit so I have some fresh songs to listen to when I head out tonight.

Have a great Monday!


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