Weekend Recap 5/5/14

Happy Monday! It is kinda cold over here but I refuse to turn on the heater. It’s too late in the year to do that, so I’ll just sit her with cold toes and type this up.

This weekend was great! First run of the year and it went off without a hitch.


Saturday around noon Travis, Tyrion and I headed down to the Spokane Convention Center to meet up with my running buddy Megan and her husband and cute little boy and pick up our Bloomsday race numbers. We checked out the small trade show on our way out and I grabbed a couple new energy chews/gu to experiment with.


I ate the Blocks right before we took off at the start line and had the beans half way through the run. I loved them both! I think the beans are easier to eat while running. The Blocks are yummy but on the large side and you have to chew a lot. Not sure how that would work for me mid run. I saved the GU for my next long run, so I’ll let you know then how I like it!

After that we said our goodbyes until race day and headed out. While on the way home Travis and I picked up a couple coffees. We are addicts. We buy way too many coffees. Seriously, probably the worst habit we have. But it’s just so, so good.

Later that evening I wend out again to pick up my sister Emily so she could spend Saturday night and watch Tyrion while I ran, since Travis worked Sunday. So glad my sis is willing to help me out when needed!

At 7:45am race day, Megan and what she calls her “Tech Support” (husband and son – love it – ) , came to pick me up since I live literally minutes from the start of the race. We drove down and got dropped off just a couple blocks from our corral. We were some of the first to fill our color group and stood there all ready to go! We chatted and talked about races while the streets filled up with people. Side note: Megan actually got placed in the faster color group ahead of me (they average your past years and since I had walked/jogged past years, my average finish time was around two hours) and she was kind enough to stay back with me and run at my pace.


Ready to run!


Our groups start time was 9:15 and when the gun went off we were outta there! It’s hard at the beginning because the road is so congested, but we kept eyes on each other and weaved through the masses unit it thinned out a bit, about a mile in.

The course is very hilly so just when I thought I was feeling good we would start another incline and I would really have to push myself. Megan is very good at keeping consistent splits (one of the areas I’m working on) so while I usually slow down on hills she kept right on trucking. Which was good! After we crested each hill I would thank my lucky stars and feel a bit of energy again.

Thank goodness for the water stations. They had three of them and I had a cup at ever one. Right before station two which was the last one before Doomsday Hill we ate our beans and blocks, hydrated, and prepared to climb the hill.

Doomsday is just under 3/4 of a mile long, and in that short period of time rises 145 feet. It’s a killer I tell ya. Megan and I decided no pressure, we would run as long as we could and if one of us needed to stop we would fast-walk the remainder. We ended up making it to the crest of the hill and then walked to the water station, rehydrated, and took off again. That was the only time we walked, and to me that’s pretty amazing!

The rest of the course was a breeze, we ran in pretty neighborhoods until we turned and saw the finish line. Megan was like, “is that it!?” and when I said yes she was like, “Well let’s go then!” We sprinted towards the end and it felt amazing. We hit the finish line and our apps told us our time was 1 hour and 26 minutes.


I got a race recap email this morning with our official time and it said the same thing. Nice to know the Map My Run App is so accurate!

Screenshot (6)

I thought the stats were pretty interesting as well.

Screenshot (7)

Megan and I grabbed our shirts and some water and found her “tech support” and headed out. She even treated me to coffee on our way home. Perfect end to an awesome run!

When I got home I showered, played with Tyrion, chatted it up with Emily for a while, and then headed outside to see how the race was progressing. It was super loud when I got home but had quieted down quite a bit within the last hour and a half.

They were cleaning up! Man, talk about efficient!


There was still a few walkers and strollers going through too. My heart went out to them, determined to finish even if the race was over. You go amazing people you!

So in conclusion, it was a great race! When we ran to the finish I didn’t feel totally spent but like I could have gone further. That gives me encouragement that I’ll be ready for my half! One more month of training and it’s go time!

Today is a rest day and I’m taking full advantage of that! Going to clean and do my Monday thing, and worry about running tomorrow.

Hope you all had great weekends! Oh ya, and happy Cinco de Mayo! Grab a margarita and some chips and salsa and party! That actually sounds pretty amazing. I may have to do that later today. Winking smile

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