Weekend Recap 6/17/14

I’m counting yesterday as part of my weekend, because well, my weekend wasn’t really mine. It was a brides, and her cake took all of Friday and part of Saturday to create. It got rave reviews from the guests, so I’m counting it as a win! However, it left me more tired than usual the rest of Saturday and Sunday as well.

It’s still crazy to me how a cake can go from a crumb coat . . . (Don’t mind my hand in mid-frost.)


To this! I know I’m the one making it, but it still floors me how a second layer of frosting can do so much!


Add the final touches and we are finished!



If you are wondering why my frosting is off-white, it’s because unless the bride is adamant about it being super white, I use real butter, not Crisco. Since I switched making it this way a year or so ago I have had so many people say this frosting it the best they have had. Crisco is just gross, and I avoid it as much as possible. I have cut it from all my recipes and don’t even have it in my house anymore.

After finishing the cake, and then helping my mom lay linens on the tables and do a little wedding prep, I took off home with Tyrion to take care of my neglected house. It’s amazing with four animals how two days of neglect can look like something blew up in our home. I can’t get rid of them, but like I said before, never will I have four inside animals at the same time again, ever.

I was sooooooo tired Saturday night but felt I should go for a run. Big mistake. I was so tired I could hardly complete a sentence. Travis keep looking at me like I was crazy all night because I would start saying something and then just stop, or forget what I was saying and just stare off into the abyss mid sentence. Ya, I should have gone to bed. But when Tyrion went down for the night I laced up and headed out.

It was just before one mile when I hit the pavement. I still can’t say exactly what happened. I was running one minute and the next I was looking at the pavement going, “Oh crap, I’m falling!” A woman was gardening across the street and was so kind and asked if I needed help. I said no, completely embarrassed.

My wounds look so much better today, and of them all my knee hurts the worst, but only if I hit it on something. Other than that it’s just going to take time to heal. But let me tell you, it really sucked picking grit out of my hands with tweezers. It took me forever to get up the nerve to get that crap out! Travis wanted to help but I freaked and wouldn’t let him get close to me with tweezers. Thanks, but no thanks honey. Winking smile

These pictures are from today. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t show you the bloody mess they were right after the fall, I’m too kind. Winking smile

PicMonkey Collage

I was so ticked at myself for falling, so when I got up I decided to push though and run a couple more miles. Ya nope, didn’t happen. About a quarter mile later I was limping pretty bad and felt extremely tired, so I turned around and walked home.

On the upside, since I was walking I didn’t scare this girl away.

PicMonkey Collagedeer

I saw her from far away, and figured as I got closer she would run. She was way to involved in eating the hostas in that persons garden to give a second thought to me. She didn’t care one whit that I was there. I was just glad she wasn’t chowing down on my hostas . . .

The next morning was Fathers day and Tryion gave us both a gift and let us sleep in until 8am!!!!! That NEVER happens! Sad part, church is at nine. So we had to hustle butt to get there in time. Okay, okay, we were late, but points for still going!

And daddy got some pretty awesome gifts if I do say so myself. Tyrion has good taste. Winking smile


I should have been a good wife and wrapped it up all pretty, but did I mention I was tired? It just didn’t get done. Oh well, I’m pretty sure Travis didn’t mind much.


Travis has had the same drill for years, and it wasn’t a great one to start with. The battery power on it never lasted long and it took forever to charge. He would be going along making great progress on a project, and then it would up and die, and he would have to wait for hours to start up again. Talk about frustrating! But no more! I got him top of the line so he’s good to go now. I told him we should try it out on building a swing set. Tyrion’s birthday is right around the corner. Sniff sniff.

We had a great Fathers Day that ended in a BBQ at my parents house with lots of family and good steak. Yum!

Yesterday I tried a couple time to sit down and type something up, but after a few unsuccessful attempts I gave up. When Tyrion woke up from his first nap we headed out to shop. Our house was bare bones, and we were all starving.

Today is going to be a lazy sort of day. It’s pouring rain outside, but I don’t mind, it’s kinda cozy. I’m going to do some deep cleaning today, and maybe play on Pinterest a little and just relax a bit. I also need to find another good book to read.

Oh and today I started a three day cleanse. I’m actually pretty excited about it! I got all the ingredients for it yesterday and started this morning with some green tea and lemon.


I’m not a tea drinker, but it said to add some stevia and it’s really not bad. This cleanse is a smoothie cleanse, so after this posts I’m off to make my first smoothie. I looked over a lot of cleanses and this one seemed the best to me. It’s still 1,200 calories a day with and lots of nutrient dense fruits and veggies.

Why a cleanse you ask? Well to start, I have taken this last month off from losing weight. I was enjoying hitting my pre-pregnancy weight and splurged a bit and just overall didn’t worry too much about what I ate. I haven’t gained anything back, but I’m just ready to take the next step on my weight loss journey. And with some of the not so healthy things I’ve eaten lately, I feel a bit bloated and also attribute some of my tiredness to my diet of late. No I haven’t gone off the deep end and starting eating frosting from a jar or closet consuming milk duds or anything. I’m just ready to healthify it up a level. Yes, I just made that word up.

Okay I’m off to whip up my first smoothie. Hope you all are enjoying your Tuesday, and if your local I hope you take advantage of the rain, and be a bit lazy!

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