What Do You Do All Day?

It cracks me up that people still ask stay at home moms, “what do you do all day?” I honestly thought it was a joke when other moms said how much they got asked that question. Maybe it’s because I grew up with a stay at home mom so I’ve always known how busy they are, but that question just seems a little insulting and a tad demeaning. Most people probably don’t mean it that way – I would hope, but either way it just solidifies the fact that they really have no clue what goes on each day in the life of a mother who chooses to stay home with her children.

I have also talked to other mothers who have told me that when they have children they want to go back to work afterwards.  I also hope that’s not meant to demean me. When did going back to work to earn money mean more than raising the child you brought into the world? I’m not trying to start something, but when there are those who talk to me like I’m making a crazy decision I have to ask, how did they come to theirs? If you have to work to keep bread on the table that’s entirely different, but to choose to go back because you – need a break, want to feel like you are contributing financially, to keep your independence, to show your self worth? Maybe you need to ask yourself if you are upholding the right qualities? Should you have had children at all? Since when did dropping your child off at daycare to have someone else watch him for 8+ hours make you a better parent than me?

I’m pretty laid back and I don’t want to alienate anyone, but this blog is my little space on the web and I felt like I needed to get this out there. I love being a stay at home mom. I feel like it’s what God is calling me to do right now and I am so blessed/thankful my husband is on the same page with how we want to raise our children.

Each family makes their own decision on how to raise their children, that’s the beauty of it! How amazing/terrifying that we are given these precious gifts of life and we get to decide how to raise them! That thought still scares the crap out of me. I’m responsible for a little person. Wow!

So please, don’t talk to me with subtle undertones hinting that you think my staying at home with my children is a bad decision. You can’t change my feelings on the subject, so why bring it up? Also, I have decided the world of parenting would be a better place if the following was implemented –

1. Non-parents should keep their opinions about parenting to themselves. Oh, and their snide comments as well.

2.  Each parent should use their parenting method to raise their own children instead of using it to “help” other families raise theirs.

The quote below was found on Pinterest, and even though the site it linked to no longer exists, I couldn’t find anything else that said it any better.


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